Europaid Contracts


EuropeAid Contracts is a virtual platform connecting partners, experts and contracts through an online database on archival and current information on :

8,857 Europeaid service tenders since 1999
18,385 Firms/institutions
38,055 Consortia
5,408 Experts with up-to-date profiles

The data are continuously updated. Firm / Institution names were checked for consistency. Mergers and acquisitions are reflected to archive data. Therefore, queries on older contracts yield up-to-date information.

Experts can

  • Publish their profiles and link their experience with the contracts in our database. Viewers of that contract are informed about the existence of that particular expert and are allowed to contact him/her. Members can also do a keyword search on experience and skills.
  • Search awarded or shortlisted contracts for job opportunities
  • Evaluate past performance of the companies in terms of the number of contracts shortlisted and awarded
  • Expert registration is FREE
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Members can

  • Search contracts by keyword, country or status
  • Search firms for shortlisted and awarded contracts
  • Access contract statistics for a firm or an institution, such as the number and the list of shortlisted and awarded contracts by country
  • Acquire business intelligence by querying frequent partners or frequent competitors of a firm or institution.
  • Search experts by keywords or by contract experience
  • Contact other members for partnership opportunities
  • Access top 10 list and more for each country.
  • Member registration requires subscription